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FLSUN 50mm Blower Upgrade for Volcano

Upgrading my FLSUN to a 50mm Blower fan

When I upgraded my FLSUN Delta with a volcano kit from Aliexpress, I didn’t reinstall a part cooling fan. Mainly because I didn’t want to go back to the old 40mm fans I was previously using. I wanted to upgrade to a 50mm blower fan, and design a custom shroud for it.

You can find a 50mm blower fan on Aliexpress at this link.


Installing a blower onto the stock effector was pretty simple. Only one screw hole was available because of the design of my blower fan, so I opted to use a bit of epoxy for a stronger connection. Just the fan by itself worked quite well. It moved a lot of air towards the build plate, but it was pretty weak on freshly printed plastic. Since I’m using my delta to print at layers thicknesses up to 0.6mm now, I need stronger airflow around the tip of the nozzle.


Nozzle Designs

I went looking around, and I found a circular nozzle design on thingiverse. It worked pretty well! I found that it sent some of the airflow upwards towards the hotend, though. Using the snap-fit connector as a base and Fusion 360 for designing, I made three different attachments. The first attempt worked, but it suffered from the same problem as the circular nozzle. I used two channels to direct air downwards at a slight angle, but far too much air was directed to the hotend.

50mm Blower Nozzle V1
Nozzle V1


On the second attempt, I separated the channels from each other and added some chamfers to help direct airflow. I left some space on the front for air to move forward, still thinking that it would help or something. I also doubled the height of the channels. It worked much better than the first attempt, and the airflow was impressive. I still wasn’t satisfied with the amount of air that was being directed around the nozzle.


Next, I moved the openings to the bottom of the nozzle. I used large chamfers to control the direction of airflow as much as possible. The resulting part is quite effective, and has no problems keeping up with my printing. There’s definitely a lot of room to improve, though. For starters, the outputs are different sizes so the airflow is going to be uneven. I tried to make one output larger to compensate for the fact that it has bends and is offset from the nozzle, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. Still, parts are turning out much nicer with the new fan and attachment installed.

50mm Blower Nozzle V3
50mm Blower Nozzle V3

The files can be downloaded here, on thingiverse.

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