ProGrow Version 1.0

ProGrow Version 1.0

ProGrow development is currently on a brief break. I’m waiting on equipment and other stuff.


What is it?

ProGrow is a plant monitoring system that I started developing while I was in college. I developed it as my thesis project, but have continued working it in the last few months. It uses an Arduino Uno and numerous sensors to automatically monitor the environment around a plant of choice. The first prototypes use cat grass, but the next version is going to be used to grow herbs.

Why design it?

I wanted to design an automated system that monitored multiple variable conditions, and interfaced directly with external devices to control those conditions.

Pro Grow Day 11 Status

What does it do?

Currently, the system automatically monitors and records the following:

  • Soil temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Air moisture
  • Ambient light
  • Time

It will take a sample automatically every 10 seconds by default. The sensor readings, time and system information are output to a display that is mounted on the front of the system.

All sensor readings, as well as the time are recorded and stored as raw text on an SD Card. The system can store months worth of samples.

If required, the system is capable of controlling external high power systems through the use of a dual relay module. Currently the system uses light sensor readings and soil moisture readings to control an external 120V lamp, and a 9V aquarium pump.

There are two buttons that are used to take different types of samples. The current types of samples that can be taken are:

  • Single sample from all sensors
  • Averaging sample ( n samples taken across n seconds, results averaged )


There are two more buttons that are used to increase and decrease the rate of automated sampling. The delay in automated sampling can range from approximately 0.5s to 3600s.

The system is capable of automated watering. A small DC pump is connected to a 9V battery using a relay, and is activated whenever the system determines that the soil moisture has been low for a while.

The system is powered using a portable battery pack. This allows the system to be powered when a computer or wall connection isn’t readily available. The DC Pump still requires a separate 9V battery, due to the peak current draw. Fortunately, the pump is active so infrequently that the 9V battery will last quite a long time.

Pro Grow Day 10


What do I have planned?

I intend to add the following to the project:

  • Wifi via NodeMCU or ESP8266 or 433Mhz radio for data logging
  • CO2, O2 sensors
  • SD Card data logging
  • Watering system
  • Rechargeable battery power
  • Solar power

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